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Flexim Roof Putty

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Flexim Roof Putty is a ready-to-use, storm-proof roof putty that stays flexible. Flexim has been used on over 4 million roofs worldwide and is the proud winner of the Innovation Award 1990, and also won most innovative product in Show at the 2013 Roofex Show. Flexim Roof Putty has proven itself to be a reliable tile fastener and the best alternative to conventional mortar.

Flexim Roof Putty is a convenient alternative to mortar as a roof tile fixative for ridges, hips, and valleys. This easy to fit, highly adhesive putty stays flexible after installation, overcoming the problem of cracked and crumbling mortar. You can use Flexim Roof Putty for new construction, re-roofing, repairs and sealing onto concrete, clay and other types of tile, including natural and fibre cement slate.

The popularity of Flexim roofing putty is growing year-on-year as more trade roofers and DIY enthusiasts discover how easy it is to use this top-performing product. A first-class, fully weatherproof finish is simple to achieve with nothing more than a putty knife and a few boxes of this flexible, ready-to-use putty. Immediately after fixing, your roof tiles or ridges are strong, secure, and ready for the worst weather. The puttyโ€™s lasting flexibility ensures that you never have to deal with leaks and tile-loss due to failed mortar.

After installing, Flexim Roof Putty is instantly waterproof and will always retain itโ€™s flexibility. Flexim Roof Putty is unaffected by the contraction or expansion of the roof or by any uplift from wind on the tiles.

Why Flexim?

  • Ready-to-use
  • Lightweight
  • Instantly waterproof
  • Storm-proof
  • Permanently flexible
  • me saving
  • Choice of colours
  • Tested and certified

Large pack contents

  • 10 separate strips, 5 gloves and product information
  • Use: 3-5 linear metres (10 to 16ft) of ridge tiles, depending on the type of roofing tile
  • Weight: approx. 9 kg / 20 lbs

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