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Twin-wall Sheets

Protect your spaces with LB Supplies' Polycarbonate Twin-wall Sheets—an ideal choice for greenhouses and various non-roof applications. Crafted for durability and versatility, these twin-wall sheets provide excellent insulation and diffuse natural light, creating a conducive environment for plant growth in greenhouses. Designed with precision from top-quality materials, LB Supplies' Polycarbonate Twin-wall Sheets offer a lightweight and impact-resistant solution for a range of applications beyond traditional roofing. Whether used for partitions, dividers, or decorative elements, these sheets prioritize durability and visual appeal. Choose LB Supplies' Polycarbonate Twin-wall Sheets to enhance your greenhouse or non-roof applications with sophistication. Elevate your projects with a durable, lightweight, and visually appealing solution that meets the diverse needs of your space.

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