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Expanding Foam Tape

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Unevenness and irregularly shaped edges within the joints are completely compensated for by the expansive properties of the tape. The material absorbs movements of the joints and it ensures a permanent elasticity for many years. This tape seals the joints in one phase of operation. Preliminary operations such as, for example, the application of primers, pre-coats and maskingโ€™s are not necessary with this product.

Features of this product are:

Initial Roll Size: 25mm wide x 3mm thick x 4 metre long.
Expands to approx. 25mm thickness and suitable to seal gaps of 5mm - 9mm.
Expands slowly and evenly.
Bridges extreme joint tolerances.
Compatible with all current building and sealant materials.
Air and dust seal when compressed to 50% of expanded capability.
Water resistant seal when compressed to 33% of expanded capability.

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