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LB Roof Windows helps builders get daylight right

LB Roof Windows helps builders get daylight right

Daylighting is one of the stand-out industry trends of the last few years. Consumers love natural light, and with good reason – it makes people happier, as it is proven to offer a whole range of psychological and emotional benefits. But there are different types of daylight – and while they all offer builders, installers, and home improvement companies lucrative opportunities to grow, upsell, and increase their margins, they each come with a different set of considerations that need to be kept in mind if they’re going to be harnessed effectively. 

clouds-in-blue-sky-14094113785iysunset-1151790_960_720Skylight is exactly that – diffused light that comes from the sky, and in cloudy countries like ours, it’s the main source of daylighting. Maximising the intake of skylight is, therefore, crucial in achieving a naturally lit property.

Sunlight is much warmer and brighter, bringing a sense of comfort and wellbeing that people love around the world. It can, however, bring some potential drawbacks when compared to skylight. Sunlight can sometimes make properties too hot, or produce unpleasant glare, if intake is not managed appropriately.

There’s no need to fret, though, because at LB Roof Windows we’ve got the perfect products to help you accentuate all the positives of natural light, while compensating for the negatives. We provide a comprehensive range of roof windows from the prestigious VKR Group, encompassing the Velux, Dakea and Aurora brands. Available solely from LB in the UK, the Aurora roof window delivers all the benefits of its better-known cousins, but at a much more competitive price, making it the ideal choice to help you increase margins while pleasing your customers.



We also offer the popular Atlas Roof Lantern, an excellent way of creating impressive living spaces that open up to plenty of skylight, as well as smaller Atlas Flat Rooflights, Aurora Glazed Rooflights and Coxdome Roof Domes, perfect for strategically allowing light in at key areas.

Particularly in Summer, direct sunlight can prove uncomfortably hot, even in the UK. That’s why we also stock an extensive array of blinds and other controllable sunscreens. Perhaps your customer has a sunny roof window that’s pleasant most of the time, but becomes a bit too much to bear during the height of summer – or perhaps one that provides a useful source of skylight on cloudy days, but becomes too intense in direct sunlight? We’ve got the right blinds for you. Our range includes the Dakea Antiheat Blind, a semi-translucent PVC-coated product that reduces sunlight intake by 80%, and blackout blinds from Aurora, Dakea, and Velux, among many other products for different types of requirements. Our blinds and shutters not only ensure your customers can enjoy their roof glazing products all year round, they also provide you with excellent upselling opportunities – almost every consumer who buys a roof window product will want a blind or other screen to go with it, if you let them know of the benefits they could enjoy.

For more information on any of our products, or how we can help you make the most of the natural light craze, don’t hesitate to contact LB Roof Windows today!

Written by: Joe

Published on: 14 July 2016

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