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Coxdome Roof Domes


Compatible with all flat roofs, Coxdome roof domes are a small, simple and stylish way to let natural light into a room. Altering dark and unused spaces into light and open areas full of potential, roof domes are an ideal solution to transform your home.

The range of Coxdome roof domes are available in three main designs, fixed, circular and pyramid. As the most cost-effective option, the fixed roof dome offers a sturdy yet practical design for letting the natural light into the building.


For those that prefer more style, the circular roof dome is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any home while the pyramid design is built to capture as much sunlight as possible. No matter type of home you have, there’s a Coxdome roof dome for you.

All Coxdome roof domes are Manufactured with a resilient double layer GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), while the circular and pyramid designs can even be triple or quadruple glazed for added protection and durability. The plastic glazing protects your roof domes from harsh weather conditions, helps ensure that they are completely waterproof and give you the best value from your roof domes for years to come.

All Coxdome roof domes are:

High quality. At LB Supplies, we only supply the best. All Coxdome roof domes are a high, dependable quality that you can rely on.  

Perfect for any home. Available in fixed, circular and pyramid designs, there’s a roof dome that’s perfect for you.

Durable. With double, triple or quadruple waterproof glazing, the Coxdomes are designed to be resilient and protected from the elements, even during the harshest weather conditions.


Manufacturing roof domes since 1954, Coxdome creates high-quality roof domes that you can rely on. With a durable glazing and range of products to suit your requirements, the Coxdome roof domes are the ideal flat roof solution to add natural light into any home.