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Blackout Blinds


Blackout blinds are designed to control the amount of light you allow in your room and give you darkness 24/7, if required.


They provide a tight, lightproof seal, which makes them ideal for installing in bedrooms, children's rooms and home cinemas.


They provide complete blackout, even when the sun is shining, and can integrate perfectly with your roof window.


They sit neatly inside the window frame, providing a subtle way to create darkness at any time.


We offer a full range of blackout blinds in an array of different colours and finishes. Contact our sales team today to find out more.


Velux Energy Blind

Velux Energy Blind »

£64.00 ex. vat FHCCK021045

Aurora Universal Blackout Blind White

Aurora Universal Blackout Blind »

£29.00 ex. vat AURDURC2R4208

Aurora Blackout Blind

Aurora Blackout Blind - Blue »

£29.00 ex. vat AURDURC2R

Liteleader Blackout Blind Beige

Liteleader Blackout Blind »

£35.00 ex. vat DURC2ALL

Dakea Blackout Blind DURC2A0000-01

Dakea Blackout Blind »

£60.00 ex. vat DURC2A4212

Velux Blackout Blinds

Velux Blackout Blind »

£49.60 ex. vat DKLCK021025

Velux Duo Blackout & Pleated Blinds

Velux Duo Blackout & Pleated Blind »

£67.20 ex. vat DFDCK021025/1016