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Blackout Blinds


Transforming your spaces with natural light, roof windows are the perfect addition to any home. Finish yours in style with our range of blackout blinds.

With a tight, lightproof seal, the blackout blinds are give you complete control over the amount of light entering a room. When shut, the blackout blinds will give 100% darkness, making them the ideal solutions for loft conversions into bedrooms, for a better and more restful night’s sleep.


Fitted to seat neatly inside the window frame, the blackout blinds allow you to control how much light enters your home – no matter how sunny it is outside. No matter if you’re creating the unspoiled movie environment or just simply want to remove some of the heat entering the room, blackout blinds are perfect for the job.

Available in a variety of different colours and finishes – there’s a blackout blind suited to any home.

Our range of blackout blinds are:

  • High quality. At LB Supplies, we believe in only providing the best. That’s why our range of blackout blinds are designed and made to the highest quality – giving you unbeatable value for years to come.
  • Perfect for any home. With our diverse range of colours and finishes, there’s a blackout blind that will match the design, look and feel of any room, adding the perfect finishing touch.
  • Ideal for controlling the light. Blackout blinds give you complete control of the light, providing absolute darkness when needed. The blinds also prevent your room from overheating, giving you comfortable and consistent temperatures, all year round.
  • Durable. All blackout blinds are durable, hard wearing, dirt resistant and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, making for easy maintenance.

As leading suppliers of roof windows, at LB supplies we believe in only supplying dependable quality you can trust. With a diverse range of blackout blinds from some of the UK’s leading manufactures, we’ve got the right fit for any home.