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A brief history of the Roof Windows – they’ve been around for longer than you think!

A brief history of the Roof Windows – they’ve been around for longer than you think!

Roof windows are a popular choice when wanting to add natural light to any building, particularly in loft conversions or refurbished historic buildings, such as churches or old, disused barns that are being given a new purpose; they are seen as a practical and unobtrusive way of letting light into more difficult spaces.

The use of roof windows appears to be a relatively modern method in our architectural history. However, take a closer look at a historical building or view any urban area from above today and it will quickly become apparent that letting natural light in through the roof area is actually an important aspect of our architectural legacy.

Throughout history, buildings have used lightwells and atria as devices for gaining light, ventilation and security in a dense or deep-plan environment. So much that they were first seen in the earliest establishments of civilisations – those of the Tigris/Euphrates valley dating back to 3000BC. The Pantheon, in Rome of circa AD120, used top lighting deliberately for its dramatic effect, turning the inside of this building into a unique sheltered outside space. The Pantheon illustrates how the more prosperous architecture was starting to explore extended possibilities for lighting and design – here lighting from above, and its structural development.

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Fast forward a few thousand years and it’s clear to see that over the last 300 years, roof glazing has gained popularity and become an integral feature to more and more architectural styles. As glazing improved in quality and was more financially accessible, the extension of its use beyond vertical windows became achievable.

Today, roof windows and roof domes are more common and more popular than ever before, enabling properties to gain a great sense of depth and light. At LB Roof Windows, we believe that our range of products can benefit any project, by making the best use of natural daylight, and adding value to the property. The Aurora, Velux and Dakea roof windows in our range offer the best quality when it comes to roof windows and domes, in a number of styles from a standard roof window, to a fixed combination or top hung window. Undeniably a great feature to any property.

Written by: Joe

Published on: 3 September 2015

Categories: Company News