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Top Hung Roof Windows


Top-hung roof windows maximise the amount of natural daylight they allow in as well as giving you a full, open view of the skyline.

Operated with an elegant handle at the bottom, top-hung windows open outwards for an unobstructed view and feeling of extra space, while rotating through 180 degrees for easy cleaning on both sides, from the inside of your room.


Innovative use of high-performance materials in the window construction provides excellent energy efficiency, insulation and an airtight seal, minimising drafts and helping to keep you room warmer for longer.

Overall, our roof windows are:

Easy to install. All Velux products are designed to be easy to install, making adding a sun tunnel to your home a quick and simple process.

Perfect for any home. Available in a range of different styles and sizes, there’s bound to be the perfect roof window for your home.

A great source of natural light. Natural light has an incredible effect on your home. Not only does it make a space look amazing, it also offers many health and wellbeing benefits, making you feel happier, more energised and more comfortable in your home.

Cost effective. By lighting rooms with natural light, the roof window reduces the need for you to use electric lights in your home. This not only saves you money on your energy bill but also is better for the environment. 

Perfect for transforming your home. Roof windows bring new life into dark and unused rooms by transforming them into light, airy and open spaces.

At LB Supplies, we supply a wide range of roof windows from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, from simple roof lights to the electrically-controlled Velux electric roof windows with one-touch control.

No matter what you want to do with your home, we can find the perfect fit for you.