Combination Window

Combination windows provide a ‘best of both worlds’ option to those with unusual requirements, who are looking to transform their homes.

Also known as composite windows, combination windows are one of the most unique styles of window that can be incorporated into your space. By integrating sliding, casement and fixed windows, they can be designed to suit any space or shape, to your exact size and requirement.

From sloping and fixed options to sloping and vertical combinations, these windows can help you get around any awkward corners and building challenges, to create a finished result you can be proud of.

Along with offering design flexibility, the combination windows also provide excellent thermal insulation.

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With a host of options on offer, our combination windows offer you the flexibility to combine vertical and sloping white polyurethane or white painted roof windows to expand your view and increase daylight. Choose from single, twin or triple windows with top-hung, centre-pivot or integra options to suit your space.

Our combination windows are:

  • Perfect for any home – Available in a range of different styles and sizes, there’s a Velux flat roof window that’s perfect for your home.
  • A great source of natural light – Natural light has an incredible effect on your home. Not only does it make your rooms look amazing, it also offers many health and wellbeing benefits, making you feel happier, more energised and more comfortable in your home.
  • Cost effective. The natural light will reduce the need for you to use electric lights in your home. Combined with its thermal ratings, they not only save you money on your energy and heating bills but are also better for the environment.
  • Perfect for transforming your home – Natural light creates light, airy and open spaces, making the windows perfect for bringing a new life and purpose into your dark and unused rooms.

All our combination windows are quick and easy to install, with no fuss, mess or additional materials required. With a quality you can trust, they will make the perfect addition to your home.