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Dakea Vision Energy Sloping Fixed Roof Window Pine Finish

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1.1 U-Value
20 Year Guarantee
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The Vision Energy is a non opening pitched roof window. It’s an additional non opening window designed to be paired with an openable pitched roof window (as pictured). It’s ideal for letting light in and maximising the view from the room.

Please note: This is just the fixed bottom window. For the complete setup please refer to the Additional Information section below.

Features & Benefits

  • Dakea VISION ENERGY is a sloped, fixed (non-openable) additional roof window
  • It’s a three-pane window – known for having better U-value with both the glass itself and the window frame. This can reduce heating costs and thus reduce environmental pollution
  • Energy efficiency: Uw = 1.1 W / m2K, three-glass / two-chamber package
  • Dakea VISION ENERGY has toughened outer glass, extra heat reflecting coating and laminated internal glass
  • We recommend these non-opening roof windows for heated and inhabited rooms
  • Dakea VISION ENERGY windows come with a free Dakea Quick Install (RUC) underfelt foil collar. The Quick Install system reduces installation time and ensures that the structure is properly watertight
  • Dakea VISION ENERGY roof windows can be installed under an openable Dakea normal frame wooden roof window with triple glazing, installed in a roof pitch between 15°- 90°.

Additional Information

The Dakea Vision Energy Sloped & Fixed is intended to be a complete system in order to achieve a complete installation like the image above you will need purchase the following products (one from each primary point).

  • Top window (same width as this window)
    • >Dakea Better Energy (KAV MXA) - pine lacquered
    • Dakea Better Energy (KAV MXA) - pine white painted
  • Top window flashing kit
    • Slate installation (KLS MXA)
    • Universal tile installation (KUF MXA)
  • Bottom window (this product)
    • Dakea Vision Energy Fixed (KAI M4A) - pine lacquered
    • Dakea Vision Energy Fixed (KAI M4A) - pine white painted
  • Bottom window flashing kit
    • Slate installation (KSI M4A)
    • Universal tile installation (KUI M4A)


If you are installing two of these complete units side by side in a combination configuration you will require different flashing kits to the ones listed above. If you would like a combination configuration or advise on this product, please email [email protected] or call us on 01623 624500.

For more information about Dakea’s product guarantee, please view the document below.

Dakea Guarantee

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