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Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern – AMBI Sunshade Blue Self Cleaning 1.0 U-Value Glazing

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Welcome more light and style into your home with roof lanterns from Korniche.
A Korniche roof lantern doesn’t just change the way your living space looks. By bathing your room in natural daylight, it transforms how it functions. How it feels. Just as every homeowner has a different vision, Korniche has a bespoke design to help you deliver it.

Die-cast aluminium components
Because we use aluminium, our die cast components are made with greater accuracy and tighter tolerances that deliver superb weather resistance and thermal retention, low maintenance and breath-taking aesthetics.

Strongest on the market
Meticulously engineered to be the strongest and stiffest on the market, our roof lantern supports industry-leading maximum glass sizes without the need for additional rafters.

Victorian-inspired ridge and spas
Reminiscent of traditional timber structures, our roof lantern’s rafters and spas provide some of the narrowest sightlines available, ensuring you can enjoy a grander view.

Seamless aesthetics
With no visible fixings and seamless joints throughout, your roof lantern doesn’t just change the way your living space looks. It changes how it feels.

Every detail designed for purpose
The Korniche roof lantern’s simple design means it is capable of being fitted in minutes and glazed in seconds. It is the fastest and easiest kit to install on the market.

Protected inside and out
The roof lantern is fully thermally broken. Outside aluminium elements are connected to the internal ones through thermal breaks, vastly reducing heat transfer.

Beautiful from every angle
Where the spas end, they are fitted with an aluminium die-cast end cap, sculpted to fit perfectly with no visible fixings to maintain the beautiful aesthetics in every detail.

Please note: Some postcodes incur an additional delivery charge of £250 +VAT, for the full list please view the MFT glass surcharge PDF.

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