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Your guide to light tubes and sun tunnels

Your guide to light tubes and sun tunnels

Your guide to light tubes and sun tunnels

Light tubes and sun tunnels are a perfect way of bringing more natural light into your space. Perfect for windowless rooms, light tubes and sun tunnels are a stylish option that matches any home.

Offering many benefits, should you get a sun tunnel installed?


What are light tubes and sun tunnels?

Although called different names, light tubes or sun tunnels are tubes that channel natural sunlight from the roof of your home into a room.

Sun tunnels comprise three parts. The first is a glass or plastic dome on the top of the roof which collects the sunlight. The sun tunnel can also have a flat glass top for those that prefer a flat design on the roof. Yet the dome design collects more sunlight.

In the middle of the sun tunnel is metal tubing made of reflective surfaces. In the tube, the sunlight is reflected down into a glass prism which magnifies the light it lets into the room.


Unlike roof lights, sun tunnels are flexible and can reach rooms that aren’t directly under the roof.

Because they are small, sun tunnels can also be installed without disturbing any rafters in the roof.


Flexible or rigid sun tunnels?

The tubing in sunlights comes in two different types, rigid or flexible.

Rigid sun tunnels are perfect for houses that have a long space between the roof and the room with no obstructions in the way. As rigid tubing has the maximum light output, this option is the best for planning new builds that incorporate sun tunnels.

Flexible sun tunnels are instead used for short spaces between the roof and the room. This type of tubing is also perfect for places where the tubing must bend around various obstacles.

By picking the best type of tubing dependent on your house, you can maximise the amount of natural light that enters your room.


Why get a sun tunnel?

Sun tunnels or light tubes are brilliant at bringing natural light into rooms that don’t see any, such as hallways, bathrooms or stairs.

With a simple design, sun tunnels will match any home and bring any space back into life. In addition, adding more natural light to your home will give you extra health benefits and reduce the need for lightbulbs in that room, saving you money on your energy bill.



Sun tunnels reflect natural light through reflective tubing into your home, making them perfect for rooms that don’t have access to natural light.

The amount of light that sun tunnels bring is dependent on outside conditions and the position of your house, but they are guaranteed to make a noticeable impact on your home.

Want to transform your home with natural light? Browse our range of light tubes and sun tunnels today.


Written by: Joe

Published on: 14 July 2017

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