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Light Tubes


Light tubes help to maximise daylight and minimise heat transfer.

They capture the rays of light on your roof and transport them, through a reflective tube, so they are magnified into the space below, to provide a cheap, natural and energy-efficient lighting.

They are easy to install and are great for adding natural light sources to dark or windowless rooms. And because they use only natural light, they can save you money because you don’t need to keep switching lights on and off during the daytime.


JET Cox Tubelight

JET Cox Tubelight »

£375.00 ex. vat COXTLF250

Velux Rigid Sun Tunnel

Velux Rigid Sun Tunnel »

£212.00 ex. vat TWR0K102010

Velux Flexible Sun Tunnel

Velux Flexible Sun Tunnel »

£212.00 ex. vat TWF0K142010

Velux Flat Roof Sun Tunnel

Velux Flat Roof Sun Tunnel »

£256.00 ex. vat TCF0K140010

Velux 10 Inch Sun Tunnel Extension

Velux 10 Inch Sun Tunnel Extension »

£45.60 ex. vat ZTR0K100062