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The five benefits of natural light in your home

The five benefits of natural light in your home

Recently, roof windows, skylights and sun tunnels have been soaring in popularity because of the natural light they bring to your home. More than just a design trend, natural light brings many benefits to your home and wellbeing.


Sometimes, we forget just how important natural light is.

To remind us why every home should be aiming for more natural light, we’ve picked our top five benefits of natural light in your home.


1. It improves your immune system.

Natural light is excellent for improving your immune system and health.

Helping your immune system fight off disease, natural light increases your red blood cells, improves circulation and even increases your intake of vitamins B and D, keeping you healthy.

Natural light also acts as a natural disinfectant, reducing and preventing harmful bacteria and organisms from growing in your home.



2. It helps you sleep.

Natural light is excellent at regulating all your natural systems, helping control the hormones that stimulate your appetite, improve your digestion and help you sleep.

Making it easier for you to fall into natural sleeping and waking cycles, natural light is the way to combat damage from long-nights and staring at screens.

With blackout blinds available for roof windows, you can control the natural light and have complete dark when you need it the most.



3. It saves you money.

Save money on your energy and heating bills with natural light.

As cost-effective options for your home, natural light is a free and environmentally friendly way to light up your home. Modern roof windows and skylights are also insulated and energy efficient, making it easier than ever to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.



4. It transforms your home.

The effect natural light has on your home is truly astonishing.

In every home, there are always some rooms, such as the attic, bathrooms or the garage, that don’t have access to natural light, making the spaces dark, drab and often unused. With a bit of natural light, these rooms become open and inviting spaces. Given a new life, natural light opens a world of potential for the rooms, giving you the opportunity to use them how you want, from simple storage spaces to adventurous and stylish conversions.




5. It makes you happier.

As well as improving your overall health, natural daylight also increases endorphins and serotonin levels, making you feel happier.

Recent studies have found that natural light will also fight off symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), make you feel more productive, energy and alert, giving you a better quality of life.

Even on the dullest of winter days, natural light will make you feel happier.





Natural light has an amazing variety of benefits. Improving your home, health and wellbeing, natural light makes you feel happier and more comfortable within your home.

Want to see the results for yourself? Browse our range of roof windows, sun tunnels or skylights today.


Written by: Joe

Published on: 16 November 2017

Categories: Advice, Natural Light