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Brighten up your projects with Velux from LB Roof Windows

Brighten up your projects with Velux from LB Roof Windows

Summer is the perfect season for renovation projects, a time when demand for roof glazing solutions for both the commercial and residential sectors is very high. This is why we have increased our stock of market leading skylights, roof windows and roof domes, available for nationwide next day delivery.

We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of Velux products available under one roof, to order on-line, in store, or by calling us on 01623 624500.

With such a large selection of styles, colours, openings and materials, you cannot fail to find a Velux roof window that will suit your exact requirements. Choose from simple, centre pivot roof windows, to conservation roof windows, or sloping and vertical combinations, perfect for maximizing views and allowing increased levels of natural light into a room.


The Velux range also includes electrically controlled Roof Windows and skylights, for an effortless operation, ideal for applications where they would be difficult to reach, such as very tall rooms.

For commercial applications, such as industrial buildings and offices, as well as common areas in some residential projects, like stairwells, we also supply the Velux Smoke Ventilation System, and Flat Roof Exit hatches, which provide easy access for workers in case of emergency.

Easy to install, our range of Velux Roof Windows and Skylights  will allow you to get as creative as you like and deliver beautiful, bright spaces that will impress through both aesthetics and functionality.


With our wide portfolio of high quality products, and our passion for customer service, we are able to deliver your perfect roof glazing solution for any application, and all the technical assistance you might need.

For more information on our market leading range of Velux products, call LB Roof Windows on 01623 624500, or email [email protected]

Written by: Joe

Published on: 20 July 2015

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