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A complete guide to the different roof window types

A complete guide to the different roof window types

When adding a window to your roof it is important to choose the right type for your needs. Adding a window can increase natural light to make the loft space feel more open and airy so the room can be used and lived in. The addition of a window can also reduce electricity bills as more natural light means less need for your electric lights. To help you make your choice, we have broken down the roof window types and their benefits.

Top Hung Roof Windows

Top Hung roof windows are the typical choice when converting a loft into a usable space. This type of roof window opens outwards from the top of the window for an unobstructed view out the window. The classic design is easy to install and produces no mess while still being user friendly and practical. Also, the 180° rotation allows for cleaning of both sides of the window without having to step outside.


Centre Pivot Windows

If your loft space has a low or shallow roof, a Centre Pivot window is a good option for you. As well as being easy to install and use, these windows can be installed lower than a top hung window to make more efficient use of your space. Centre pivot windows allow for sitting and standing below the window without obstructing the rotation. This type of window is most suitable for roof pitches between 15° and 90° however pitches of up to 75° can also be catered for.


High Pivot Windows

High Pivot windows have a similar design to centre pivot windows, the main difference between the two styles is the placement of axis of rotation. The axis of rotation is on the centre line for a centre pivot window, while the axis is above the centre line in high pivot windows. The higher axis of rotation makes high pivot windows great for cluttered spaces or lofts with low ceilings. The higher axis of rotation allows for larger pieces of furniture to be close to the window without obstructing the rotation.



Skylights are a popular choice when using your attic space for storage. They are great for opening up dark and stuffy spaces without intruding on the space available, leaving more room for storage. Skylights are perfect for adding natural light to brighten up an uninhabited space. However, due to their lower thermal performance compared to other types of window, it is not advised to use skylights for bedrooms, studies or playrooms.

Balcony or Terrace Windows

Having a Balcony or Terrace window on your roof is excellent for increasing natural light as the floor to ceiling window is capable of transforming the space. Both balcony and terrace windows fully open up to create extra usable outdoor space – perfect for city living and luxury homes. A terrace or balcony window can also improve the exterior of your house; originating from 1500s Venice, a roof terrace has a timeless design which can be made even better with pot plants and garden furniture.


Frame Type

Once you have chosen the style of roof window to suit your project, you must consider the material you want to use for the frame. There are benefits for all materials available, but it is important you choose the right frame for your needs. The most popular frames are made from uPVC and Pine.

If you are looking for tough, durable frames, uPVC windows are the best option. They are also easy to install and require little to no maintenance after installation. With exceptional thermal insulation, uPVC windows will save you money in energy bills and are more environmentally sustainable. Not only this, but the efficient insulation will prevent condensation build up for an unobstructed view all year round. uPVC windows are available in a selection of styles including top hung and centre pivot.

For those who prefer a stylish look, a Pine roof window is the best choice as they will elegantly match your interior while holding the same strength, durability and longevity as other materials available. Pine window frames also have low thermal conductivity and are available with double or triple glazed glass meaning they are still heat efficient. Our pine frames are available with water-based white paint, which provides a modern feel, or in natural pine which has a more traditional look.

How LB Can Help

Now you’ve decided on a window type and frame material for your new roof windows, it’s time to install them. LB Roof Windows have a wide range of windows available in all types mentioned from many brands. Get in touch for any further help with deciding on your roof windows.

Written by: Joe

Published on: 10 June 2019

Categories: Advice