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Liteleader Roof Windows


Liteleader roof windows aim to make life better with technology and design, creating beautiful, lightweight, and durable windows that are easy to maintain and operate.

With a slimline profile, the roof windows let in as much natural light as possible into your home. Natural light not only brings health and wellbeing benefits, but also transforms dark, unused spaces into open and airy spaces full of potential.


With a special super-tight seal, you can be sure that your window is protected from the elements, even during harsh storms. The cutting-edge design is also thermally insulated and reduces outside noise, saving you money while keeping your home peacefully quiet.

Liteleader roof windows are:

- Suited to any home. The eco range of Liteleader roof windows includes simple wooden or PVC windows with slimline profiles, giving them a smooth appearance that naturally fits in any home.

- A great source of natural light. Natural light has an incredible effect on your home. Not only does it make a space look amazing, it also offers many health and wellbeing benefits, making you feel happier, more energised and more comfortable in your home.

- Cost effective. By lighting rooms with natural light, the roof window reduces the need for you to use electric lights in your home. Thermally insulated, Liteleader roof windows will save money on your energy and heating bills.

- Perfect for transforming your home. Liteleader roof windows are an excellent way of bringing new life into dark and unused rooms by transforming them into light, airy and open spaces.

Compatible with common roofing materials, Liteleader roof windows are simple and easy to install and will quickly transform any home with natural light. Backed by 75 years’ experience and part of the VKR group, Liteleader roof windows provide quality that you can trust.