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5mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

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Solid polycarbonate sheets offer a range of features that are unsurpassed. You will get a combination of resilience, transparency and lightness.

Due to the clarity, the PoliComp sheets are as clear as glass, contributing to excellent light transmission. However, despite its glass-like clarity, these sheets weigh half as much and are 250 times more impact resistance. You will also benefit from enhanced thermal efficiency, which will aid in reducing fuel consumption for heating buildings.

These polycarbonate sheets are highly versatile and can be worked either hot or cold. This means that they are eligible for all interventions in the construction industry.

With each PoliComp sheet, a layer of high-performing UV absorber is coextruded onto both sides. This technique ensures filtering of the light and protects the polymer against the effects of aging. It allows for excellent impact strength even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. These sheets have UV protection on both sides.

The PoliComp sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses such from 3mm to 6mm, which means that light transmittance, thermal transmittance and acoustic insulation will vary dependent on the thickness,

Our PoliComp sheets are also available in a range of lengths suitable for various applications.


  • Fantastic Light Transmission
  • Resistance To UV Rays & Hail
  • Energy Saving U-Value Of 5.1 W/m²K
  • Weight Of 6.0 KG/m²
  • Light Transmittance Of 89%
  • Impact Resistance
  • Easy To Process
  • 0.065mm/m°C Linear Thermal Expansion
  • Coextrusion UV Protection On Both Sides
  • Bespoke Sizes Available Upon Request

Please note: Tolerances on lengths and widths are +/- 5mm

when ordering lengths over 3m additional shipping charges may be applied.

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