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The VELUX Group launches a new generation of roof windows

The VELUX Group launches a new generation of roof windows

The VELUX Group – the global leader in roof windows and skylights – is launching a new generation of roof windows that take energy efficiency, daylight, and comfort to new and higher levels.

Throughout the development process, the quest was to find the right construction principles to ensure optimised energy efficiency while enhancing the high quality and proven construction principles that have always been a hallmark of VELUX roof windows. With the introduction of VELUX Thermo Technology, the new VELUX generation has improved insulation properties with a u-value down to 1.2 for standard roof windows. Combined with a larger pane area, which not only admits up to 18 percent more daylight but also more passive solar heat gain into our homes, the new roof windows raise optimised energy balance and energy efficiency to new and excellent levels.

Fresh air is equally important for a good indoor climate and with the new generation of VELUX roof windows, ventilation is still possible even when the window is closed thanks to the unique ventilation flap, which has long been a well-known VELUX hallmark. This ensures a unique supply and control of fresh air, which means a better indoor climate.
Velux Roof Window Profile
Velux Roof Window Profile 2

Get More Daylight

With the new generation of VELUX roof windows you get more daylight and an improved influx of solar heat into your home.

  • Larger pane for 18% more daylight.
  • Improved pane coating.
  • Better indoor climate.

Get more comfortโ€‹

The new generation of VELUX roof windows gives you a more modern and attractive design with excellent ventilation and operation control and comfort.

  • Ergonomic new control bar.
  • Background ventilation for fresh air.
  • Updated design โ€“ slimmer sash and frame.
  • Perfect matching curtains and sun screening.
  • Intelligent and user-friendly new control pad.

Use less energy

The new generation of VELUX roof windows gives you excellent energy efficiency with the new VELUX ThermoTechnology.

  • New high performing insulation material.
  • Improved insulation and air tightness.
  • Maximized effect of free solar heat gain.
  • Excellent energy efficiency.

Written by: Joe

Published on: 10 February 2014

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