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Using roof windows to “handle” natural light

Using roof windows to handle natural light

The benefits of natural light are very well known – and with window technology becoming ever more efficient, a good level of light can be achieved without having to deal with increased bills due to weak energy performances.

The freedom allowed by these advancements has meant natural light was upgraded from a necessary feature to an architectural tool, which could be used not only to illuminate, but to give shape, character, as well as to create the feeling of openness and space, ultimately leading to the complete re-invention of interior spaces.GGLU043059-05

Obviously, the best way of “handling” and using natural light is by the introduction of glass areas – many spaces that were previously unusable, or, at least, undesirable, have been transformed by the advancements in roof window technology – attics were no longer used solely for storing Christmas decorations, lower ground floors were no longer dingy spaces that no one wanted to use, dark corridors had the potential to become beautiful, light-flooded passageways.

At LB Roof Windows, we enable such transformations by offering one of the widest ranges of roof windows, skylights and roof domes available from one supplier, at the most competitive prices in the market place. We provide a comprehensive range of accessories as well, and we offer next day deliveries throughout the UK. Have a look at our range of products, including the popular Velux roof windows and skylights, Coxdome roof domes, as well as the Aurora range which is helping many of our customers increase their profit margins.


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Written by: Joe

Published on: 8 May 2015

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