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How to use a loft ladder safely – loft ladder safety tips

How to use a loft ladder safely – loft ladder safety tips

Safety with any piece of household equipment is of utmost importance, and the same can be said when it comes loft ladders. It is easy to avoid some of the most common mistakes by simply following the usage guidelines, while common sense safety tips need to be considered too.

Below we’ve listed some of our top loft ladder safety tips, to keep you safe and secure when using your loft ladder.


Don’t overload the ladder

Always check the duty and class rating of the ladder. If you’re using a ladder for industrial use, a heavy-duty ladder should be used. Also, never exceed 130kg.


Always keep three points of contact

When using a ladder, you must keep three points of contact at all times. This may seem difficult when you’re doing certain things, but there are many tools that can help you, such as bucket hooks, which help you maintain three points of contact and stay safe. When taking on some tasks it may seem difficult however there are accessories which can help you.


Never over-reach

Reaching while on a ladder can make you easily lose balance and fall. If you cannot reach without stretching, move the ladder so you can reach comfortably.


Wear suitable footwear

When using ladders, you should wear a flat, closed toe shoe. Also check your footwear for any contamination which may cause the ladder to become slippery, and make sure any laces are tied. High heels and sandals are not suitable shoes.


Correct installation equals loft ladder safety

There are tens of thousands of accidents per year caused by all types of loft and attic ladders worldwide. Many of these accidents are simply because of poor loft ladder installation.  The installation of loft ladders should be done by professional craftsmen, so that you can rest easy that all safety regulations have been observed.

Maintenance is likely to be a huge factor when using any type of equipment that has movable parts. This is especially true if you have a folding loft ladder installed in your home. These loft ladders are most commonly made from wood and have metal hinges.

The most important maintenance factors are keeping the hinge bolts tightly secured into place – which should be checked every few months and checking for any damaged pieces of wood or parts that are starting to diminish and replace them if necessary. If the ladder is still under warranty the manufacturer may offer a full replacement.

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Written by: Joe

Published on: 2 March 2018

Categories: Advice