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The top five benefits of thermal blinds

The top five benefits of thermal blinds

With the perfect roof windows installed in your home, there’s no better time to think about window blinds. When it comes to blinds, thermal blinds could be the perfect choice for you.

They are made from layers of materials pressed around a film, which reflects light and heat as the sunlight hits it. As one of the most resilient types of blind on the market, thermal blinds bring many benefits to your home.

To showcase these advantages, we’ve selected the top five benefits of using thermal blinds in your home.

Thermal Blind in Loft conversion



At LB Supplies, we understand that your blinds not only need to be functional, but also need to look good in your home. Our range of thermal blinds offers something to flawlessly fit into the design of any home.


Save money

Thermal blinds are an excellent way of increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

Because thermal blinds are made from layers, they trap air between the blind and window pane and block the flow of air from the outside to the inside. During winter, this layer of air creates great insulation, keeping your home warm and saving you money on your energy bills.


Year-round temperature control

In the winter, the thermal blinds create a layer of insulation and prevent the cold air from entering your home.

During warm summer days, thermal blinds reflect the heat from the sun and prevent it from entering your home, keeping it nice and cool.

When closed, they can reduce the amount of heat entering a room by up to 76%.

Designed to be durable during the coldest winters and hottest summers, thermal blinds offer amazing temperature control all year round.


Reduce light

Like most blinds, thermal blinds block out the sunlight when you need it, giving you the power to control the light that enters the room. Just simply close the blind when you need a darker room and open them to allow the light to flood the room.

Easy to use, thermal blinds are an ideal solution when used in bedrooms, making the room dark enough for you to get a great night’s sleep.

reduce light with thermal blinds

Reduce noise

As well as blocking heat and light from entering the room, thermal blinds also help block outside noise from entering.

Whether you live in busy environments or just value the extra peace and quiet, these noise-reducing abilities make thermal blinds a perfect choice for any home.



Made from many layers, thermal blinds keep the light, heat and noise from entering your room.

Keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter, thermal blinds are an excellent year-round solution. Available in a range of colours, there’s bound to be the perfect blind to suit your home.

Ready to discover the benefits for yourself? Browse our range of thermal blinds today.

Written by: Joe

Published on: 15 October 2017

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