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Roof Windows are an investment in your home!

Roof Windows are an investment in your home

Installing Roof Windows is highly popular among home-owners

With a range of styles, sizes and finishes, there will always be a roof window that fits perfectly in your home. A roof window does not only enhance brightness in a room, but also makes a room feel more comfortable and provides ventilation for cleaner air. In having a roof window installed it will save you a surprisingly large amount of money on energy bills (due to the reduced need of artificial lighting).

Roof windows are an investment due to the value they add to your home. In a recent article by Velux, the value added to a home when a roof window is installed is at least that of the investment made in purchasing the windows. It is also an investment for those who are not thinking about the benefits of eventually selling their homes as the added light and ventilation to a room can add comfort to a room and make it come to life. When converting loft space, roof windows are a necessity to create a bright and homely room.


Aurora Roof Windows

Aurora Roof Windows Flashing


We recommend using Aurora Roof Windows and Multi-purpose Flashing to create an affordable, stylish and robust roof window. Our Windows and Flashing come complete with a 10 year guarantee, so in the unlikely case of you having any problems with our windows, you can get a replacement or your money back if you are not 100% satisfied (click here for more on our guarantee).

Written by: Joe

Published on: 5 November 2013

Categories: Products