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What Roof Window Brand is Best?

Roof Windows are an investment in your home!

Roof Window Brands: Velux vs. Dakea vs. Aurora

When deciding which roof window brand is best for your home, it can be difficult to make a decision due to the amount of brands offering roof windows. If you think about popularity Velux is the most popular. Due to the extensive marketing on their products, Velux is the best known roof window brand in the UK and maybe even internationally.

But does this mean that the Velux brand has superior roof windows?

When looking at the quality of build and design there is only a minute difference between Velux, Dakea and Aurora roof window brands. This is due to all these products being made by the same company which isย VKR Holding. This holding is split into two companies which are Velux and Altaterra (who manufacture both Dakea and Aurora) and follow many of the same guidelines and styles in creating a reliable and designer window for commercial and domestic use.

Even though there isn’t a massive difference in quality the price difference is quite large (see figure 1.)

Figure 1.

roof window brands table

When comparing prices buying Aurora windows can save you up to ยฃ255 compared to buying a Velux roof window of the same size.

It is for this reason we believe that Aurora windows are the best value roof windows on the market and our prices will be difficult to beat!

Written by: Joe

Published on: 17 October 2013

Categories: Reviews