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Revive dark spaces and let light in with specialist sun tunnels

Revive dark spaces and let light in with specialist sun tunnels

Velux Rigid Sun TunnelIsolated rooms, hallways, corridors and bathrooms with no exterior walls, can also benefit from the advantages of natural light, thanks to specialist products such as our Velux Sun Tunnels. These are specifically designed to “harvest” sunshine/daylight and feed it into dark rooms that do not have the potential of accommodating a vertical window, or even a skylight or roof window.

Our Velux Sun Tunnels are an inexpensive method of reviving these dingy areas of a property. The tunnels are designed to collect and transmit the light by reflecting it down a solid or a flexible, ribbed plastic tube. While the rigid ones are proven to be more effective at conducting higher levels of light into a room, and therefore recommended especially if the distance between the ceiling and the roof is bigger than 2m, the flexible tubes are ideal for unusual spaces, that have very little access to the roof. To make to most out of the natural light when using ribbed sun tunnels, the tube should have a length of maximum 2m.

Another advantage of using a Sun Tunnel is that they don’t have to be positioned on a south facing roof, they work brilliantly regardless of the direction they’re facing, allowing natural light to reach rooms that cannot support regular windows of skylights.

Aside from adding a beautiful feature, using our Velux Sun Tunnels will also help reduce energy bills, by eliminating the need to use artificial lights during daytime.

Give life to those forgotten rooms with our range of Velux Sun Tunnels!

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Written by: Joe

Published on: 27 July 2015

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