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How to reset your VELUX remote control

How to reset your VELUX remote control

No matter how great modern technology is, sometimes remote controls can get out of sync with other products.

Most of the time, this is fixed with a quick reset.

But when resets involve more than simply taking the batteries out and putting them back in, resetting can be an annoying and confusing process. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to resetting your VELUX remote to make it as easy as possible.

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Step one. Reset the window.

Before you can reset your remote control, you need to reset your window.

First, manually open your window. If your window has any other products installed, such as blinds, make sure these are also open.

Once your window is open, press and hold the reset button for at least five seconds. This will cause your window and other installed products to start moving, letting you know that the reset has worked.

If your window doesn’t start to move, press and hold the reset button until it does.

Step two. Turn the power off

Now that the window has been reset and has stopped moving, close the window. Once closed, make sure the power is completely turned off. If you have more than one window, repeat step one for all the windows before turning the power off.

Step three. Reset the remote

Now that the window has been reset, it’s time to reset the remote control.

To do this, slide off the battery cover and press the reset button with a pointed object, like a small screwdriver, for at least five seconds.

Once complete, replace the battery cover and turn the remote around.

Step four. Resync your windows

 After completing step three, a display will be shown on your VELUX remote asking if you want to reset your remote control. Press the yes button.

While the system resets, your remote will show the VELUX logo. Once complete, you will be asked to select your language and turn the power back on.

Pressing the forward arrow to continue, the remote will then search for and resync to your VELUX window.

Step five. Test and enjoy

After following the on-screen instructions on your VELUX remote, your windows and remote will now be in sync with each other again.

Spend a couple of minutes after this process to test and make sure that your remote is in perfect working order. If an error has occurred, repeat the steps until the remote and window sync with each other.


Following the easy step-by-step guide should make resetting your VELUX remote a quick and simple process.

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Written by: Joe

Published on: 30 May 2017

Categories: Uncategorized