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Playing with light to create stunning spaces: introducing our extensive range of blinds

Playing with light to create stunning spaces – introducing our extensive range of blinds

To create a relaxed feeling in a light struck room, choose blinds from our extensive range.

Adding a skylight, roof window, or a flat roof dome to a property can be a great way to increase the amount of natural light allowed in, making the room appear spacious and welcoming, but what about when it’s time to wind down?


Combining a flat roof window with a Velux Electric Blind is an effortless way to make those bright days a little more relaxed by dulling down the intensity of the natural light. The Velux Electric Blind is also very easy to use, via remote control, and can be set to raise and fall at a pre-set time each day, aiding the easy transition between wake and sleep. Created in a choice of materials, from translucent through to blackout fabrics and aluminium, our blinds deliver the perfect solution for any alternating light/shade requirements.

Our range of blinds can be used to create different lighting levels, allowing the user to play with colour and shapes in order to change the atmosphere of a room according to specific preferences.

The blinds in our comprehensive range include many styles, for many different purposes. For example, the Dakea Antiheat Blind is designed to limit not only the light entering into the room, but also the heat, which helps to keep the room at a cooler temperature, for increased levels of comfort during the summer months. Our Dakea Roller Shutter is a multipurpose blind located on the outside of the window, which can limit the noise pollution levels and stop the light coming through, should it be required. What’s more, this blind will also protect the skylight from potential outside damage. Alternatively, for a softer aesthetic approach that can deliver the same blackout effect, our Aurora Blackout Blinds are made from a rubber coated polyester fabric, which is a more gentle approach to delivering the dark ambiance that favours a good sleep.

In contrast to this, our range of roller blinds will offer optimum shading from the direct sun rays, while still allowing a vast amount of natural light to fill the room.

Our wide range of blinds ensures that, whatever your shading requirements are, we can supply the right product to satisfy them. And if you’re unsure as to what would be the best choice for your project, speak to our expert team on 01623 624500 to find out how you can achieve the optimum balance of shade and light.

Written by: Joe

Published on: 30 June 2015

Categories: Products