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Only the best service for your customers with 10 years guarantee as standard

Only the best service for your customers with 10 years guarantee as standard

When investing in home improvements, many customers will want to know the type of protection you can offer them in terms of warranty. You wouldn’t purchase a new car without protecting your investment with a certified warranty, so why would your customers invest in roof windows for their homes without doing the same?

Giving home owners that peace of mind which shows you are committed to them, even after the installation, is extremely important to us, and that’s why all of our roof windows are backed by extensive, 10 years guarantee as standard.

LB Roof Windows supply a stunning range of market leading brands, from Velux, to Dakea and Aurora, all of which provide long term protection for your customers at no extra cost. The 10 year guarantee enables you to confidently deliver great home improvements, with the knowledge that, in the case of any problems with our products, your customers will be covered.

Roof windows are the perfect product for home owners wishing to incorporate natural light into their living spaces, and you can give your customers yet another reason to buy from you, with our extensive guarantees. Alongside factors such as aesthetics, performance and cost, the guarantee the product comes with is also top of the list when investing in their property. Therefore, our impressive warranty schemes across our entire roof window portfolio gives you another opportunity to add value to your offer and give your customers complete confidence in your service.

What’s more, our Dakea range comes with a 20-year product guarantee. There are no hidden costs or conditions, so your customers can make the most of a transferable homeowner-to-homeowner 20-year guarantee by simply registering online. This is a great option for home owners who may consider to resell over that period, meaning a transferable guarantee will add more value to their home, alongside enhancing the appearance and energy performance of their property with high quality roof windows and roof lights.

Please see below further details on the warranty schemes we offer across each of our top brands:

Aurora offers a 10-year manufacturer guarantee on all roof windows.  All Aurora products are also covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dakea comes with a 10-year manufacturer standard guarantee, but if you tell your customers to register online at, they can benefit – free of charge – from a 20-year home owners’ guarantee, which is fully transferable from home owner to home owner.

Velux offers a 10-year manufacturer guarantee on all roof windows.

If you have further questions about our guarantee options and how
they can benefit your customers, please call our friendly team on 01623 624500, or email [email protected].

Written by: Joe

Published on: 27 October 2015

Categories: Company News, Products