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Natural light provides the best way to cure the winter blues

Natural light provides the best way to cure the winter blues

word press 19When the winter weather sets in, it’s hard for anyone not to feel all doom and gloom. Dropping temperatures, higher chances of ice and blustery winds are certainly not everyone’s vision of paradise. However, extensive research has shown that for a growing number of people, feeling glum in the colder months is far more than just the ‘winter blues’. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is known to effect one in every 15 people and can severely debilitate sufferers.

For the many that suffer from SAD and the less severe subsyndromal SAD, the key to helping relieve the depression, insomnia and general apathy that can often result is simply maximising their intake of natural light.

Scientifically proven to help boost both our physical and psychological wellbeing, natural light improves our mood, our motivation and is generally beneficial to our health. Just sitting close to a well-lit window can boost energy levels and improve your mood.

In business, for example, the positive effects of natural light have been well known for a while –  many companies now specify as much natural light as possible when it comes to designing new offices and other workspaces. Bringing natural light into the workplace has shown to increase employee’s productivity, attitude and enthusiasm. The education sector has also becoming increasingly aware of the beneficial effects of natural light. Many new school buildings now incorporate glass structures and roof glazing solutions to provide the optimal learning environment.

At LB Roof Windows, we have an extensive range of products which can allow installers to take advantage of the natural light craze. Stocking roof windows, skylights, lanterns and flat roof windows from leading manufacturers including Velux and Dakea, we can provide the perfect solution for any room.

We are the only place in the UK you can find the new and innovative Liteleader range. Liteleader white painted roof windows not only offer excellent amounts of natural light, their contemporary and stylish design helps brighten rooms even further.

No matter your natural light need, at LB Roof Windows, we can provide the solution – whether it’s the Ecolite, which can blend seamlessly with ceilings or walls, or the EcoSolid, a tough and durable uPVC roof window that is perfectly suited to high-humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Help your customers beat the winter blues – make them aware of how natural light can make us feel better through the gloomiest months. With natural light beaming into their homes through a new, high-quality roof window that boasts an extensive 10-year guarantee and excellent functionality, they’ll have plenty of reasons to smile this winter.

For more information on our extensive product range including Aurora, Dakea, Velux and Liteleader windows, give LB Roof Windows a call on 01623 624500 or visit

Written by: Joe

Published on: 14 February 2017

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