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Demand for natural light sparks more business for builders and installers

Demand for natural light sparks more business for builders and installers

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Lack of natural light in key areas of a property is a major differentiating factor between high-energy households and more efficient ones, according to a Loughborough University report commissioned by the UK government.

The study revealed the highest consuming 20% of households used over 760 kWh/year for lighting, while the lowest-consuming households used only 150 kWh/year – and that high energy users were often those with high daytime lighting consumption. Switching a few lights on might not seem like much, but over time it can make a big difference to how much money consumers pay for energy over the course of a year.

Improved physical health, psychological wellbeing, and reduced energy bills and carbon emissions are all highly desirable benefits, and together make a persuasive case for homeowners to get more natural light into their lives and properties – and as more and more consumers wake up to that fact, opportunities for builders and installers offering natural light solutions are growing fast.

Natural light specialists LB Roof Windows offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of roof glazing solutions and accessories, being perfectly positioned to help trade customers to take advantage of this popular trend for natural light. Its market-leading range includes products from respected brands such as Velux, Dakea, Coxdome and Sunsquare, as well as the exclusive, high-quality Aurora Roof Window that enables builders and installers to make more margins on their projects. Aurora is manufactured by the VKR Group, the company behind Velux and Dakea, and provides similar aesthetics and functionality at more competitive prices.

“We’ve always been able to sell roof windows and similar products based on their obvious aesthetic value – they’re a beautiful addition to any property, and can significantly brighten up a consumer’s home,” commented LB Roof Windows sales director, Adrian Cooper. “What we’re seeing now, though, is an increasing number of other pull factors drawing people to natural light solutions – most notably, health and wellbeing, as the numerous benefits of natural light become better known and understood, and concerns about energy usage, whether that’s from an environmental standpoint, or simply motivated by the desire to cut heating and lighting bills.

“In our experience, consumers are only getting more demanding about what they want from their properties. We predict that roof windows and other roof glazing solutions will continue to grow, meaning there is no time like the present for installers, builders, roofers, and home improvement businesses to hype up their offering in terms of natural light solutions,” concluded Adrian.

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Written by: Joe

Published on: 25 August 2016

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