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Make your roofs hurricane-resistant with the new Ebury Lite shingles and tiles from LB Supplies

Make your roofs hurricane-resistant with the new Ebury Lite shingles and tiles from LB Supplies

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Nationwide distributor of roof glazing solutions, LB Supplies, has added two new innovative products to its competitive offering to help builders and roofers keep ahead of the curve.

Specialising in roof windows, skylights, roof lanterns, sun tunnels and all the related accessories, the company has now launched two new lightweight roof tiles, the Ebury Lite Roof Shingle, a high-performance textured tile, and Ebury Plus Roof Tile, manufactured from 100% recyclable materials. 

Lightweight yet robust, the Ebury Lite Roof Shingle is an advanced tiling solution, combining the sought-after aesthetics of the traditional low-profile shingles with exceptional weather performance and long lasting resistance. Its durable UV-resistant coating prevents the delamination and general deterioration of the product. The new shingle is 100% waterproof and capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds up to 120mph, eliminating issues such as lifting.

The Ebury Lite shingle also brings significant advantages over other similar products on the market. Many tiling solutions are made using inferior quartz stone, liable to fade, and deemed unfit for roofing purposes by one of the country’s biggest manufacturers of coloured granules. The Ebury Lite shingle, by contrast, is made with natural coloured stone that never loses its original colour.

Not only does the shingle come with a 50-year warranty, including a 20-year coating warranty, but it also features 35% more basecoat, stone and over-glaze than its main competitor, making it a lot more resistant to scratches and general wear and tear.

LB Supplies’ second addition, the Ebury Plus Lightweight Roof Tile, is exceptionally easy to install, and can be fastened either by hand or by the use of a simple pneumatic nail gun.

LB Supplies sales director, Adrian Cooper, commented: “Our aim is to offer builders a complete solution for roofing applications with high quality products at competitive prices available for next day delivery anywhere in the UK – you can’t beat this kind of flexibility.

“With Ebury Lite Roof Shingle, and Ebury Plus Lightweight Roof Tile, we’re proud to offer two products that are at the pinnacle of modern roofing, and to enable our customers to differentiate their offer and stand out through quality and durability. These two new additions are taking our product portfolio a step closer to becoming the online one-stop-shop for ‘all things roofing’,” concluded Adrian.

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Written by: Joe

Published on: 4 May 2016

Categories: Products