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Lead Roofing coming to an early extinction?

Lead Roofing coming to an early extinction

Lead roofing is under scrutiny due to the increased value in lead, meaning the scrapping of lead roofing materials is now preferred by many home owners.

As the value of lead increases, so does the cost per kg to buy and install this material. Even with this higher expense there is still a demand for lead roofing, but why?

Due to the architectural design, conservation requirements and the durability of lead it is still very popular among homeowners and when installed correctly it is still by far one of the strongest roofing materials.

Homeowners can end up spending a fortune to rebuild or fix their roofs using lead.

But what if you could scrap that old lead and not spend over-the-odds to replace your traditional lead.

Flashing could not be any simpler with Easy Lead R Flashing (Smooth or Textured finishes), with typical applications to replace traditional lead in flat and pitched roofs. It has multiple uses and is ideal for installations such as; roof windows and skylights, chimneys and valleys.

Lead Roofing

This products saves money with a roll of lead flashing starting at £20 ex.vat (based on 150mm x 5m) meaning you can easily rebuild and repair roofs and have confidence that your roof is both watertight and durable whilst still saving you money.

Written by: Joe

Published on: 26 November 2013

Categories: Reviews