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How to maximise natural light and take advantage of its benefits

How to maximise natural light and take advantage of its benefits

There are many reasons why adding natural light can be beneficial to a property – generating value through addition of creative illuminance and modern aesthetics being one of them.

Natural light has been proven to deliver strong health benefits as opposed to artificial light, such as maintaining a better sleeping pattern, which in turn will provide a better lifestyle. Taking advantage of natural light through a skylight, roof window or flat roof dome, will also deliver huge energy savings, making the investment in such products a long term benefit. Roof windows and skylights can be fitted to a number of different rooms, and once installed, they represent a low maintenance addition as they can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

GGLS083059-04At LB Roof Windows, we provide a vast range of choice when it comes to skylights, roof windows and flat roof domes, as well as all the adjacent accessories, and with this comes the reassurance that you will find a product to suit any taste and budget. Not only does our range include a wide choice of colours and a variety of finishes, but also different sizes and opening mechanisms, which can be used to let more light in and create the impression of space within a room. And to add an extra wow factor, we recommend the Velux sloping and vertical combination window, which are excellent for maximising views and light and creating a beautifully bright ambiance.


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Written by: Joe

Published on: 26 June 2015

Categories: Products