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Your Guide to Canopies and Carports

Your Guide to Canopies and Carports

Your Guide to Canopies and Carports

Canopies and carports make a great addition to your home.

Simple and effective, they are a fantastic way of adding extra functionality, space and luxury.

With countless uses, we’ve put together this guide to help show you the benefits of adding a carport or canopy to your home.

What are canopies and carports?

Put simply, a canopy is a structure with a roof that provides shelter, without fixed walls like a room. Usually fixed to the side of your house, carports are canopies that can be used as a space to park your car. A carport protects your car from the worst of the elements and weather all year round, as well as giving you some much-appreciated shelter on heavy rain days.

With a simple style, carports add functionality and an attractive feature to any house.

Canopies aren’t just limited to cars.

Used in a variety of styles, locations and sizes, canopies are highly versatile and offer a world of opportunities for your home.

Opening a new space, canopies can be used for extra dining or garden areas to relax with loved ones, play areas, walkway covers, cycle or smoking areas or even for extra storage.

Attached to your house or as free-standing structures, canopies are a perfect way of protecting yourself from the rain or sun while enjoying the outdoors.

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Why get a canopy or carport?

Canopies and carports are a simple, yet functional and attractive way to protect you from the weather.

With a variety of different designs and uses, canopies and carports are an excellent way of opening new spaces and possibilities while adding an element of luxury.

From big, free-standing spaces on your garden to small porch canopies that provide you and your visitors shelter while they enter your house, there’s a canopy that can suit any home.

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Canopies and carports are simple shelters that can be used for a variety of different purposes. Adding both functionality and luxury, canopies and carports are perfect for creating new spaces and possibilities for your home.

At LB Supplies, we offer a range of canopies and carports available in a variety of sizes. Each of our canopies is manufactured in maintenance-free, white powder-coated aluminium with special colours available at extra cost. The canopies are glazed with a 16mm triple wall polycarbonate sheet that offers clear, bronze and opal tints and provides UV protection. Want to transform your home with a canopy or carport? Look at our range today.


Written by: Joe

Published on: 23 June 2017

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