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Five of the world’s best… Roof Terrace Gardens

Five of the world’s best – Roof Terrace Gardens

Five of the world’s best… Roof Terrace Gardens

Existing since around 1500 AD, roof terraces are flat roofs that are on top of, or protrude from, buildings.

Today, roof terraces are used as impressive and luxurious social spaces and can be used for many different functions, including dining or relaxing areas.

Ever growing in popularity, one use of the space is to convert it into a garden.

To showcase the benefits of having a roof terrace garden, we’ve picked our favourite five examples from around the world.

Kensington Roof Gardens – London

First opened in 1938, the Kensington Roof Gardens are the perfect way to escape the busyness of the city.

Including a restaurant, club and flamingos, the garden transports visitors away into a new, unique and peaceful space.


The Acros Fukuoka – Japan

The Acros Fukuoka building in Japan is truly impressive.

Reaching 60 meters above the ground, the building is covered in a cascading roof garden that merges with a park on the ground below. Containing over 35,000 plants of 76 species, the garden creates an amazing space for employees and the public to relax.

In addition, the roof terrace garden also helps capture rainwater and supports local animals, but also reduces the building’s energy consumption and keeps consistent temperatures inside.


Waldspirale – Germany

The Waldspirale, in Darmstadt, is a residential building of 105 apartments, a café and a bar. Complementing its spiral design is a roof terrace garden filled with native shrubs, grass, flowers and trees – giving the building the effect that a forest is growing out of it.


Brooklyn Grange – New York

Brooklyn Grange demonstrates an amazing use of a roof terrace garden. Totalling two-and-a-half acres in two locations, the Brooklyn Grange uses the roof terraces to farm more than 50,000 pounds of organically-grown vegetables each year.

The roof terrace garden also hosts 30 honey bee hives, demonstrating how roof terrace gardens can also be a functional and practical use of space.

new york

City Hall – Chicago

The roof terrace garden on Chicago City Hall was created as part of an initiative to test the benefits of green roofs on temperature and air quality.

Featuring more than 150 native species of vines, shrubs and trees, the garden is causing an environmental movement of roof terrace gardens across the city.



Roof terrace gardens are an excellent way to utilise your space and transform your home.

The gardens not only offer a quiet place to relax but are also environmentally friendly, aid local birds and insects and reduce rain run-off and effects of temperature. In addition, roof terrace gardens can also be practical and grow your own produce.

Inspired to create your own roof terrace garden? Take the first step by installing a roof access hatch today.

Written by: Joe

Published on: 7 July 2017

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