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Five reasons why you should choose Dakea from LB Roof Windows

Five reasons why you should choose Dakea from LB Roof Windows


Help your customers complete their home improvement projects with our extensive Dakea range of roof windows, skylights and accessories. With an impressive 20-year transferable guarantee, quick installation and high quality materials, our Dakea range will help you impress customers and provide them with a roof window or skylight that will add value to their homes.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Dakea from LB Roof Windows.

20 years guarantee

Being able to offer a substantial guarantee on the product you install is a huge USP that will help win your customers’ trust, and gain you more jobs in the long run. The 20-year guarantee available with our Dakea roof windows and Dakea skylights will grant added value to your fitting services, making your home improvement offer truly unrivalled.

Get your customers to register their Dakea roof window or skylight – free of charge – in order to activate the 20-year guarantee!

Quick Installation

A proper fitting process will ensure your customers will enjoy their Dakea roof windows for a very long time, and will help boost your reputation as a trusted installer. This is why our Dakea range comes with the Quick Install package included, consisting of FREE underfelt foil collar and an insulation foam collar. These elements considerably reduce the fitting time, and are designed to replace the usual fabric with vapour permeable polyurethane coating, which needs to be cut to size and laid around the window – a much lengthier process, using a material which is not as efficient.

The Quick Install package will help you deliver the best possible installation and roof preparation, ensuring a totally watertight construction that’s also very energy efficient, resulting in no heat loss.

Top notch quality

The Dakea roof windows and skylights are manufactured by the international VKR Group, a producer of market leading brands such as Velux, known for their quality and durability. Using only the best materials ensures the Dakea roof windows are built to last, a fact supported by the 20-year transferable guarantee.

Featuring toughened outer glass and extra lacquer coating, the Dakea roof windows and skylights benefit from increased durability and strength.

Comprehensive range of products & accessories

Our wide collection of Dakea products and accessories ensures we can offer you both the necessary tools for a correct installation, as well as the extras required to accommodate your customers’ specific needs. Choose from our extensive range of Dakea blinds, Dakea flashings and other accessories from LB Roof Windows to create a bespoke solution for your clients to enjoy for many years to come.

Excellent customer service and technical assistance from LB Supplies

LB Roof Windows is a major national supplier of Dakea roof windows & skylights, with thousands of products in stock, ready for next day delivery. Our specialists are on hand to offer full technical support, so whether you need guidance to help you choose the best possible Dakea roof window for your specific project, or you would like some advice regarding installation, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01623 624500, or email us at [email protected]!

Our online ordering service allows you to place your enquiry at any time, even in the evening or during the weekend, a major advantage for professionals who spend lots of time on site!

Go for quality and exceptional service with Dakea from LB Roof Windows!

Written by: Joe

Published on: 23 November 2015

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