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Five of the Best Roof Terraces in the World

Five of the Best Roof Terraces in the World

Roof terraces are flat roof areas that are on top of or protrude from buildings.

Developed around 1500 CE, roof terraces were common in Venice as a place where laundry could be hanged out to dry. Today, roof terraces are predominantly used for social purposes, but can add luxury to any space.

To showcase the power of roof terraces, we’ve picked the five of the best roof terraces in the world.

1. Villa Honegg Hotel – Switzerland

Found on Mount Bürgenstock heights, this roof terrace overlooks the stunning views of Lucerne Lake.


Making use of its spectacular surroundings, this roof terrace is a charming, spacious, and relaxed environment. Filled with comfortable furniture, the terrace makes the perfect space for you to unwind with family and friends, or just peacefully admire the beautiful surroundings.

2. Mayfair Hotel– Miami

The roof terrace at the Mayfair Hotel is a beautiful and luxurious space.


With comfortable seating, bar, fireplace, swimming pool and stunning views there is something for everyone in this roof terrace.

The Mayfair Roof terrace is a fantastic example of how these terraces are perfect for social occasions. Every Sunday night, this terrace hosts popular DJs to celebrate and enjoy the sunset.

The roof terrace also boasts separate cosy booths for those that want a quieter space to relax and unwind with family and friends, making it a perfect social space.

3. Mandarin Oriental– Paris

Among the Paris city tops, the Mandarin Oriental has luxurious and intimate roof terraces.


Filled with greenery, the terraces make the perfect place to relax, dine and soak up the Paris skyline with family and friends.

The greenery adds an extra layer of beauty to your surroundings and creates a luxury, tranquil and peaceful space for you to enjoy.

4. Hotel Grande Bretagne – Athens

The roof terrace at the Hotel Grande Bretagne serves exceptional and beautifully-presented Mediterranean food in its first-class restaurant.


This roof terrace uses a simple layout of tables against a stunning Athens backdrop to create a simple, yet luxurious space.

The Hotel Grande Bretagne is a fantastic example of how roof terraces can hold a practical function to your home while providing a luxurious place to relax with and host your family and friends.

5. Four Seasons Hotel – Hong Kong

Situated on top of the Prince’s Building in Hong Kong, the Four Seasons Hotel roof terrace boasts a simplistic and stylish design next to its incredible 360° views of the city.


The roof terrace at the Four Seasons Hotel is the perfect combination of amazing views… a simplistic and comfortable layout with practicality.

During the day, guests can enjoy afternoon tea and sweets and a quiet, comfortable place to soak up the city views. At night, the whole terrace livens up with popular DJs or even occasional saxophonist.


Roof terraces can provide some truly amazing and wonderful spaces.

No matter the size or location of your space, roof terraces can be used to add a luxury social or relaxing space to any home.

If you’re planning a roof terrace, we can help turn your dreams into a reality today.

Written by: Joe

Published on: 26 April 2017

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