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How to boost creativity, productivity and performance with the wonders of natural light

How to boost creativity, productivity and performance with the wonders of natural light


We all know that natural light is a great way of cheering us up, and making our homes and workspaces more pleasant places to be – but do we appreciate quite how much getting a bit more light in our lives can increase productivity, boost overall performance and improve our general well-being?

A report recently issued by the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers shows the huge variety of ways that natural light can make a big difference in our lives. In education, for example, the study reveals a clear correlation between well-lit classrooms and increased concentration, academic performance, and even attendance among school children.

In recent years, the various health benefits of exposure to natural light have become increasingly well-known – especially as a way of remedying Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, a form of depression that can hit otherwise mentally healthy people during the winter months. However, research has also shown the startling extent to which natural light can aid recovery from physical injuries and illnesses – including accelerating recovery times for patients on well-lit wards.

In business, ensuring workplaces have abundant natural light has been shown to have a whole range of beneficial effects. Just like in classrooms, more light has been shown to boost workplace productivity. What’s more, in well-lit retail environments sales tend to be better – making products look more attractive, and generally encouraging consumers to spend longer browsing in what becomes a much more pleasant environment to be in.

It’s no surprise that retailers place a great deal of importance in ensuring that modern stores have large roof windows and skylights. Designers of modern leisure and recreational facilities have followed suit – since virtually everyone prefers environments with lots of natural light, it makes sense to maximise it and, as a result, the time users spend in a facility paying to use the services also increases.

As the many benefits of daylight become better understood, it’s clear that everyone – from homeowners to businesses and schools – are becoming increasingly keen to incorporate natural light solutions, such as roof windows, skylights, flat roof windows or roof lanterns into their properties. At LB Roof Windows, industry-leading specialists in natural light products, this is a trend we’ve observed over a number of years – and one we predict is only going to accelerate in the months and years ahead.

We stock an extensive range of skylights, roof windows and other natural light solutions – specifically designed to let in as much as three times more light than the same area of conventional vertical glazing, leaving our trade customers perfectly positioned to take advantage of the ongoing natural light revolution.

We’re leading suppliers of Coxdome, for example, the UV-protected polycarbonate flat room domes that are an ideal way of turning gloomy rooms into much-loved living spaces flooded with natural light. While delivering exceptional thermal efficiency and weather resistance, Coxdome products are also highly versatile, available in a wide variety of shapes, from square and rectangular to circular and pyramid, allowing them to suit almost any project.

Alongside roof window systems from market leaders Dakea and Velux, we also offer the Sunsquare range of aluminium skylights, available with fixed or hinged openings, with both electrical and manual opening systems, offering even more versatility to the end user.

At LB, we’re seeing more and more savvy installers reacting to the continuing popularity of natural light, diversifying their portfolios to include a wide range of natural light solutions. Sales of our extensive selection of skylights and roof windows have increased, with trade customers also making good use of upselling opportunities by beginning to provide related products like blinds and other accessories.

If you want to join them, and boost your sales and margins by capitalising on the continuing natural light craze, don’t hesitate to call us on 01623 624500, or email [email protected]!

Written by: Joe

Published on: 18 August 2016

Categories: Natural Light