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The best plants to grow in an orangery

The best plants to grow in an orangery

Blending glass structures with the brick of your home, orangeries provide the warmth and shelter used to grow fruits and plants that can’t survive in cold weather.

Dating back to the 17th Century, orangeries were used not only to grow citrus fruits, but as a symbol of prestige and wealth among royal or aristocratic residences.

Although orangeries are no longer used for the same reason, they have kept the same luxury and elegance over hundreds of years.

Today, orangeries provide new, open spaces full of potential for your home.

With the British weather, it is easy to forget how possible it is to grow plants and fruit trees inside orangeries.

Combining the ability to grow plants with the décor and design of an inviting social space, orangeries are an excellent way to enjoy the peace and beauty of the outdoors, inside.

To help you make your own perfect space, we’ve put together a list of our top five favourite plants to grow inside an orangery.



Orangeries were named after their ability and popularity for growing oranges.

If you’re starting out with your orangery, why not try getting back to basics and grow your own orange tree?

When picking your orange tree, you may want to choose a Valencia, which is the most widely-grown variety in the world.

It produces big, sweet and delicious oranges, ready for you to pick when you want them.

You also may want to try a variety of dwarf orange trees, or trees that are naturally small, to start from.

These trees, like Calamondin orange, will be easier for you to manage as you won’t need to cut and shape the tree down to fit the orangery.



After oranges, citrus fruits are the most popular plants to grow in orangeries.

Lemons are a popular choice, as they grow faster than orange trees and fruit during all the seasons.

The Mayer Lemon is a popular option of lemon tree to choose.

Living for up to 60 years, it creates slightly sweeter fruits than you’ll pick up in the shop.

With fresh lemons all year round, it’s hard to resist growing this plant.



Orangeries aren’t just used for growing citrus trees, as all kinds of fruit trees also grow well in these spaces.

Cherries are a great example of the type of fruits you can grow in an orangery.

As well as collecting delicious cherries in the summer, cherry trees also have a beautiful blossom in the spring, bringing extra beauty and colour into your orangery.



For those that want to grow flowers instead of fruit, bougainvillea is a great choice.

As a tropical climbing plant, it is perfect for making your orangery come to life with a beautiful display of flowers and colours.

With a range of bougainvillea growing in your orangery, you’re bound to create the perfect place to relax or entertain guests.



For those that want to add life into an orangery but don’t have the greenest of fingers, cacti might be your perfect option.

Recently growing in popularity, cacti are the perfect low-maintenance plant to grow.

With a vast range of cacti in different shapes, styles and sizes, there’s bound to be one that perfectly suits your orangery.



Although citrus is a common and popular choice, all kinds of fruit trees and plants grow well in orangeries.

With fresh fruits at your fingertips, plants are an excellent way of taking advantage of your orangery and adding life, colour and peace to your space.

Overall, orangeries allowing you to enjoy the serenity and greenery of the outdoors, inside.

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Written by: Joe

Published on: 17 October 2017

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