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8 ways you can transform your attic

8 ways you can transform your attic

When you outgrow your home, it might feel like there are only two choices – get an extension, or move. Both are expensive. Both are stressful. And both involve a huge amount of upheaval. That’s why hundreds of thousands of homeowners are opting for a cheaper, easier alternative – one that involves utilising the most neglected space in the modern home. Loft conversions are on the rise, as consumers reclaim the Great British attic.

Unlocking your loft’s potentialLiteleader Roof Windows

Convert your attic, and some of the benefits are immediate – a hugely versatile additional room you can use however you like. But it’s also a wise investment for the future, too. A study by Nationwide recently found a loft conversion can add as much as 20% to the value of your home.

Let’s face it, though – most of us are just interested in the extra space our attics can unlock. Use the right roof window products, like the fantastic range of Velux, Aurora, Dakea and Liteleader offerings we stock here at LB Supplies, and what was once one of the darkest, dingiest parts of the home can become one of the lightest and airiest – opening up a huge and exciting array of possibilities. So, what are your options?

Another bedroom

Whether it’s for guests, lodgers, or to stop arguments between sharing siblings, turning your loft into an extra sleeping space is a savvy investment for a whole range of reasons – not least that it can add as much as 11% to the value of your home according to Nationwide. If you need your home to accommodate more people, there aren’t many options that come in more cost effective than a loft conversion – and our UK-exclusive Liteleader range of white-painted roof windows is a perfect choice for bringing a bright, modern, airy look to your new bedroom.


A lot of book lovers have got cases and cases of books and nowhere nice to read them. Who doesn’t fancy a light, tranquil place they can sink into their favourite book uninterrupted? That’s why hundreds of homeowners are turning their lofts into their own personal libraries. The right roof windows are a must – there’s nothing better than reading by daylight – but if the sun gets too much, at LB Supplies we also stock a huge range of blinds and other accessories.

liteleader_bathroom_ecosolid_01An extra bathroom

Simply by adding another bathroom to your property, you can add almost £10,000 onto the value of your home according to Nationwide. Just as, if not more importantly, it can make your home a much more harmonious place to be – especially in the mornings. The EcoSolid window from Liteleader – available in the UK exclusively through LB Supplies – is the perfect choice for an attic bathroom with its strong and durable uPVC design, made for high humidity environments.

Home office

Over the last 10 years, the number of people working from home has jumped 20% to 1.5m. That’s a lot of people working from their dining room table. If you’re looking for a different, dedicated space to do business, the attic is an obvious candidate. Let’s face it, most lofts are small – but with the right natural light products, you can create an impression of space, and a comfortable, productive work area.

Hobby space

Whether it’s yoga, puzzles, model trains or collecting vinyl, your loft can become the perfect place for it. It can become a safe haven from tiny hands or just a private space for meditation and relaxation. Natural light is proven to provide both psychological and physical benefits, influencing our mood and generally helping us to feel better. It’s also extremely handy if your hobby involves painting or anything else that involves pain-staking attention to detail.

Home cinema

Tired of fighting over the television? An unused loft has tonnes of potential to become your home cinema, whether it’s for major sporting events or your favourite films. Our Velux and Aurora roof windows are available with blackout blinds to help set the scene for a big Hollywood blockbuster.

A children’s playroom

If you’ve got kids, it’s frustrating enough when their toys clog up their bedroom, let alone when they start colonising the living room, the kitchen, and everywhere else in the house. Open up and capitalise on your workspace by turning it into a playroom. Parents can reclaim their living rooms, and with high-quality roof windows installed, the kids will be able to play in a well-ventilated playroom full of natural light.

Walk-in closet

What better way to free up your bedroom and let you easily browse your wardrobe than be turning your unloved attic into a big walk-in wardrobe?

From the practical and sensible to the outlandish and indulgent, with a well-lit loft conversion, the possibilities are endless. Whatever the project, at LB Supplies we’ve got the perfect natural light solution to suit.

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Written by: Joe

Published on: 15 November 2016

Categories: Natural Light