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7 things you can improve with roof windows / rooflights

7 things you can improve with roof windows rooflights

Help your customers transform their living spaces with the addition of roof windows / skylights from LB Roof Windows. From adding more light into a room, to completely changing the destination of a previously unused space, and resolving damp issues, our extensive range of products from leading brands such as Velux, Dakea and Aurora, will provide you with plenty of opportunities to delight your customers.

We’ve shortlisted the top 7 benefits of integrating roof windows or skylights into your customers’ home improvement projects. Explaining these advantages to your clients will help them understand the real value of your proposition, and will help you increase sales & order value.


Here are 7 things your customers can benefit from with the installation of top quality roof windows:

1. Add more daylight to a room – Roof windows allow twice as much natural daylight into a room compared with traditional vertical windows like casements or Vertical Sliders. From reducing the need for electrical lighting, and the energy bills, to creating appealing, naturally lit environments, our roof windows and skylights are the perfect tool to delivering these benefits.

2. Put an end to dampness and mould – The leading cause to dampness can stem from condensation, or rising moisture within the home, and proper ventilation can prevent this. Investing in high quality roof windows will help your customers avoid these issues and create a safe, healthy environment thanks to improved ventilation.

3. Gain proven psychological and physical benefits – Natural light is known to have a great influence on our mood and general wellbeing. A brighter environment is proven to aid with concentration levels and creativity, so having roof windows / skylights installed in a study or playing area will hugely improve the performance of different tasks. At the same time, a good exposure to natural light is extremely beneficial to the residents’ natural sleep/wake cycle.

4. Create the impression of space – Our roof windows can make any room look more ample and spacious. By using multiple roof windows, you can create stunning features, and add height to any area of the property directly underneath a pitched roof.

5. Capitalise on beautiful views – Offer your customers the possibility to enjoy breathtaking views of the sky with our roof windows and skylights, or unlimited panoramic perspectives over their surrounding area with a sloping and vertical combination.

6. Make use of the neglected loft space – Help your customers discover the true potential of their property by turning their attention to the unloved loft space. Our extensive range of products enables you to offer multiple solutions to help transform this wasted area and create extra space for your customers to enjoy. Use our Velux, Dakea or Aurora roof windows and rooflights to create amazing loft conversions, adding an extra bedroom, study or lounge area to any home.

7. Add value to the property – More natural light can exponentially increase the value of a property, whereas expanding into the loft will create additional high quality space, which can also enhance the price of a house by about 20%. Add high quality roof windows and skylights to your customers’ renovation project and provide them with extra living space, as well as a sound investment in their property for the future.

Choose from our wide product range of Aurora, Velux or Dakea roof windows & skylights, and benefit from unrivalled customer support, competitive prices and free UK delivery for orders over £200 ex. VAT.

For more information, call one of our friendly staff on 01623 624500, or email [email protected].

Written by: Joe

Published on: 12 October 2015

Categories: Company News, Products