Roof Access Hatch

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Sunsquare Aero Electric Roof Access Skylight

Features & benefits:

  • The frame includes two seperate lines of polyamide thermal break, providing excellent thermal properties.
  • Neat concealed fixing track hiding all screws from view and creating a tamper proof security feature.
  • Offers ventilation and roof access when required.
£2,947.00 ex. VAT £3,536.40 inc. VAT
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Aurora Sliding Rooflight

Features & benefits:

  • Full factory sealed and assembled to ISO9001 Dow Corning® Quality Bond™ accredited.
  • Toughened safety glass.
  • Offers highly efficient ventilation when needed.
  • Suitable for access and agress.
  • We warrant the product to be free from defects for a period of 10 years (electrical components 1 year).
£2,680.00 ex. VAT £3,216.00 inc. VAT
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Coxdome Rooftop Access Dome

Features & benefits:

  • Allows homeowners to access the roof easily.
  • Can be used as means of escape if required.
  • Operates using gas assisted struts.
  • Opening angle of 85°.
£487.00 ex. VAT £584.40 inc. VAT
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Velux Flat Roof Exit Hatch

Features & benefits:

  • Manually operated flat roof exit solution.
  • Double glazed window with polycarbonate cover.
  • Opening angle of approximately 60°.
  • Clear or opaque polycarbonate cover.
  • Excellent insulating value and sound reduction.
£873.57 ex. VAT £1,048.28 inc. VAT
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