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Velux Flashings


Flashings are an incredibly vital part of your roof windows.  Without them, your windows can suffer from water leakage. Often hidden within the roof cavity, water leakage is hard to spot until it’s too late, causing expensive damages to your roof window.

Velux flashings are excellent ways to protect your roof window. Forming a watertight seal, the flashings ensure your roof window has year-round protection from outside weather conditions, even in the biggest of storms.


The Velux tile flashing is designed for installations of single roof windows in flat or profiled roofing material, up to a maximum profile thickness of 120mm.

Velux flashing kits are designed to integrate your Velux roof window perfectly into the roofing material. Available in a range of models, it’s easy to find the perfect flashing for your roof based on:

- Type of roof. Flashings are dependent on what roofing material is used, so they can form a correct and watertight seal around the material. The different types of roofing material include plain tiles, which sit flatly on your roof, roof tiles, which have an overlapping or curved shape, or slate, which is a grey, flat type of roofing.

- The number of windows. Velux offers a range of combination flashing, making sure that all your roof windows are protected, no matter how many or where they are placed.

- Roof pitch. Roof pitch is the degree of your roof. Most Velux flashings will fit roofing between 15°-90°, while some can only do certain pitches, such as 25°-90°.

- Installation height. Velux roof windows can be installed at either regular, standard or recessed heights, which are 40mm deeper into your roof. Recessed heights are used to create a sleeker, more streamlined appearance in your roof.


With more than 70 years’experience in the roof window industry, Velux is one of the leading UK suppliers of roof windows and flashings. Giving a quality that you can trust, Velux flashings are the perfect way to protect your roof windows.