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Aurora Flashings


Roof Windows are an excellent way of transforming your home. By letting in natural light, they turn dark, unused spaces into light, open rooms full of potential.

Whether you use them to add simple storage spaces or create the loft conversions of your dreams, roof windows are the first step to unlocking your home's potential.

No matter what you use your roof windows for, it’s important not to forget about the flashings. 


They are the important last step to your roof windows, designed to ensure that they are completely weatherproof and work to protect your window from the elements.

When it comes to roof windows, Aurora flashings are the perfect option for your windows. They create a weather-tight seal around the roof window, while built-in guttering creates a mini drainage system which allows water to run off the roof safely and effectively. 

Aurora flashings not only protect your windows but also are the only flashing made to suit both tile and slate roofs. Compatible with all roofing types up to 50mm thick, you’ll never have to worry about choosing the wrong flashing again.

The Aurora roof flashing is:

- Compatible with most roofs. Taking away the difficulty of picking the right flashing for your window, Aurora flashing is compatible with both slate and tile roofs up to 50mm thick with a pitch of 15°-90°.

- Cost effective. All Aurora products give you high quality at the best prices, making them cost effective for your roof windows.  

- Weatherproof. Creating a completely watertight seal, the flashing ensures that your windows are weatherproofed and offers year-round protection against the elements.  

With 30 years’ experience in the roofing market, Aurora flashings are the best value available in the UK. With low prices, Aurora gives you a quality you can trust at a fraction of the price.