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Energy Blinds


Roof windows are a brilliant way to transform your home. Letting natural light into the room, they are amazing for opening up spaces and unlocking your homes true potential. No matter what you have planned, make sure you finish it off in style with the right type of blinds.

For those that want to improve the energy efficiency of their home, energy blinds are the perfect fit for you.

Energy blinds not only give you complete control over the light entering a room, but also the temperature inside the room. During winter, the blinds provide an extra layer of insulation making sure the room stays warm. During summer, the blinds prevent extra heat from entering the room, giving you consistent and comfortable temperatures all year round. 


Velux Energy Blind

Velux Energy Blind »

  £64.00 ex. vat FHCCK021045

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Velux Blackout Blinds

Velux Blackout Blind »

  £49.60 ex. vat DKLCK021025

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Velux Duo Blackout & Pleated Blinds

Velux Duo Blackout & Pleated Blind »

  £67.20 ex. vat DFDCK021025/1016

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Velux Roman Blinds

Velux Roman Blind »

  £64.00 ex. vat FHBCK026500

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Roller Blind

Velux Roller Blind »

  £49.60 ex. vat RFLCK021028

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Velux Flying Pleated Blinds

Velux Flying Pleated Blind »

  £49.60 ex. vat FHLCK021016

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Velux Venetian Blind

Velux Venetian Blind »

  £64.00 ex. vat PALCK027001

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Velux Awning Blind

Velux Awning Blind »

  £35.20 ex. vat MHLCK025060

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Velux Roller Shutter

Velux Roller Shutter »

  £172.80 ex. vat SHLCK020000

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Because of the angle of your roof, normal curtains and blinds aren’t compatible with your roof windows. To get the perfect fit, our energy blinds are specially designed to fit your room and window – giving you a blind that you can rely on.

Our range of energy blinds are:

  • Perfect for any home.Available in different colours and styles in both electric, manual and solar models, there’s an energy blind to match the design, look and feel of any room, adding the first finishing touch to any home.
  • High quality. Durable and long-lasting, the energy blinds are designed to give you high-quality dependability for years to come.
  • Give you complete control. With a variety of different styles that control and dim the light, the energy blinds ensure that you have complete control over the light and heat entering a room – giving you comfortable and consistent temperatures and environment, no matter what season you’re in.

As leading suppliers of roof windows, at LB supplies we believe in only supplying dependable quality you can trust. With a range of energy blinds from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, we’ve got the right fit for any home.