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Dakea Blinds


Make the most from your roof window. Finish them in style with Dakea blinds.

Because of the angle of your roof, normal curtains and blinds aren’t compatible with your roof windows. That’s why it’s important to choose a blind designed for your room and window. With the Dakea blinds, you can find the perfect match for your roof window.


Dakea Blackout Blind Beige

Dakea Blackout Blind »

  £35.60 ex. vat DURC2A4212

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Dakea Venetian Blind PARC2A0000-01

Dakea Venetian Blind »

  £51.20 ex. vat PARC2A4388

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Dakea Roller Blind RHRCXA0000-01

Dakea Roller Blind »

  £29.90 ex. vat RHRCXA4321

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Dakea Antiheat Blind MIRCXA0000-01

Dakea Antiheat Blind »

  £43.60 ex. vat MIRCXA

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Dakea Roller Shutter SHRC2A0000-01

Dakea Roller Shutter »

  £341.90 ex. vat SHRC2A

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With a range of diverse styles, from regular roller or venation blinds to specific features, there’s a Dakea blind for every home. The range also includes blackout blinds, which give you total darkness and light control ideal for bedrooms and robust shutters for those that want extra security.

Dakea also offer antiheat blinds, which are made from a UV and water-resistant PVC coated fibreglass, which lets soft light into the room while keeping heat out, giving you consistent temperatures all year round.

No matter what blinds you need, Dakea has got the perfect match for your home.

The range of Dakea blinds are:

  • High quality. Offering quality that you can trust, each Dakea product comes with a free 2-year guarantee, giving you a peace of mind that your blind won’t let you down.  
  • Perfect for any home. With a diverse range of blinds on offer, there’s something to match the design, look and feel of any room, adding the first finishing touch.
  • Ideal for controlling the light. Have the exact amount of control over the light you need with the range of Dakea blinds. Whether you want complete darkness with blackout blinds or just want to limit the light with roller blinds, Dakea have got the match for you. The blinds also prevent your room from overheating, giving you comfortable and consistent temperatures, all year round.

Using over sixty years of experience in manufacturing high-quality roof windows and accessories, Dakea is one of the UK’s leading brands.