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Decking Subframe Post (Black)

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Composite Subframe Posts for wooden and composite decking. Made from 100% recycled plastics and glue, this product is UV and weatherproof and provides a completely reliable structure that will not rot.

Long lasting composite decking boards are very popular, but they can be worthless if the frame rots under the decking. The trapped moisture is the main enemy of the joists and decking legs below, even if you cover them. With our solid plastic joists, you can be sure that your deck will withstand any weather condition for long years to come, without any kind of maintenance. This will save you time and money, and let you enjoy your outdoor space hassle free.

This frame material can be sunk into the ground without any protection, which means you can build your decking to ground level.

Installation advice

1 Post is required for every 3.3 lengths of subframe *
1 Post is required for every 2.25 lengths of subframe **

* low decks (up to 300mm from ground Level to the top of the deck) (three posts would be cut from a 2500mm post).
** Decks between 301 and 500mm - 1 post is required for every 2.25m lengths of subframe (two posts would be cut from a 2500mm post).

This as a rough guide the actual materials required should be determined from:

Maximum distance between posts to be 1000mm.

Maximum decking height for 80mm x 80mm post is 500mm above ground level.
The 100mm x 100mm post to be used for decks over 500mm above the ground level.

All Arena Premium Composite products have a 10 year manufacturers guarantee as standard.

Due to the size and weight of composite products our delivery method can vary depending on the location of where it is being delivered. We will contact you to arrange a suitable time and place to deliver your composite products once we have received your order.

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