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Tile Flashing


Roof windows are used to bring natural light into your home. In addition to many health and wellbeing benefits, natural light is an excellent way to transform dark, unused spaces into open, light rooms full of potential. No matter what you want to achieve with your home, roof windows are the first step to achieving your dream design.

Once you’ve made the decision to have a roof window, you need to ensure you have the correct flashing. As an essential part of your windows, flashings create watertight seals that protect your windows from outdoor weather condition. 


To get the flashing right, they need to match the roofing material of your roof. At LB supplies, we offer a range of tile flashings for both flat and profiled roof tiling, making sure your windows are protected against the elements, no matter how bad the weather gets.

Without the correct flashing,your roof window can suffer from water leakage. Often hidden within the roof cavity, water leakage is hard to spot until it’s too late, causing expensive and unwanted damages.

Our range of tile flashings are:

- High quality.At LB supplies, we only supply best high-quality products from experienced and leading brands that you can trust.

- Cost effective. Forming the correct protection around your window will protect you from expensive damage and repairs, saving you money in the long-term.

- Weatherproof. Creating a completely watertight seal, the flashing ensures that your windows are weatherproofed and offers year-round protection against the elements.  

- Suited to your home. With some specialised tile flashings to match your roofing material, you not only get the proper fit for your window but it will also match with the look and style of your home.

At LB Supplies, we only supply the best high-quality products from experienced and leading brands that you can trust, including Velux, Liteleader, Dakea and Aurora. Secure, dependable and reliable, we’ve got the perfect tile flashings for your roof windows.