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Velux Window Blinds


Unfortunately, normal blinds and curtains don’t fit on roof windows because of the slant of the roof. This means that you need blinds designed to fit your roof window – which you can rely on with the range of Velux window blinds. 

No matter what kind of blind you want, Velux has got you covered.

From regular roller or venetian blinds, to specific features, there’s a Velux window blind suited to your home. This includes blackout blinds, which give you total darkness and light control ideal for bedrooms, or robust shutters for those who want an added layer of security.


The Velux range also includes thermal or awning blinds, which are made from a UV and water-resistant PVC coated fibreglass, which lets soft light into the room while keeping heat out, giving you consistent temperatures all year round.For those who want the latest in technology,

Velux also has a range of electric and smart blinds that can be operated by remote control. The light dimming and energy saving blinds give you complete control of the light, making it easier than ever to maintain the optimum light and heat levels in your home.

The range of Velux window blinds is available in manual, electric or solar powered models of a variety of different sizes, colours and patterns - ensuring there’s a model perfect for your home.

  • High quality. Durable and long-lasting, the Velux blinds are designed to give you high-quality dependability for years to come.
  • Ideal for controlling the light. With a variety of different styles that control and dim the light, the Velux blinds give you over the light and heat entering a room – giving you comfortable and consistent temperatures and environment, all year round.
  • Durable. All blackout blinds are durable, hard wearing, dirt resistant and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, making for easy maintenance.

With more than 70 years’ experience, you can trust Velux blinds to give you years of reliable dependability.