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Conservation Flashings


Conservation flashings are only suitable for conservation roof windows. Conservation roof windows are commonly used for projects in conservation areas, which is an area that requires any refurbishment project to abide by a certain aesthetic specification.

Commonly, this requires any roof window used in a refurbishment project to have a black (RAL 9005) external finish. Conservation (or Vintage) flashings are available amongst the Dakea and Velux range.


Our range of conservation flashings are:

Suitable for conservation roof windows. Because of the external finish of the conservation roof windows, you would require the conservation flashings for installation, and they offer an aesthetically pleasing finish when fully installed.

Suitable for tile and slate. Our range of conservation flashings allow for installation into any tile and slate roof. Whether you have a thick tile or a thin slate, we will have the right conservation flashing for you.

Flush with the roof line. Not everyone likes their roof window to protrude from their roofline and with our range of flush/recessed flashing, they can achieve that smooth, flush finish with great ease.

These flashing kits are hugely important for the installation process of your conservation roof window, and are just as important when it comes to the overall look of your roof.

Our Dakea and Velux range of conservation flashings are perfect for any project that requires a more specific aesthetic specification.